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15 Piece Cookworld Set



• Encapsulated Dome Cover              (26cm Large)                                   • 8qt Stockpot (26cm x 14.5)           • Steamer and Egg Rack                 • 3.5 qt Saucepot with Cover            (20cm x10.5cm)                            • Steamer (26cm x 10.5cm)         • Double Boiler (18cm inside    

   dia.)   Fits all 20cm pieces as a       Dome      Cover                             • Large Skillet with Cover          

   (26cm   x 6.5cm)                • Optional long handle (for  


23 Piece Cookworld Set
​​• Encapsulated Dome Cover             (26cm Large)                                    • 8qt Stockpot (26cm x 14.5)        • 4.8qt Stockpot with Cover              (22cm   x12cm)                                • 3.5     qt Saucepot with Cover        (20cm x10.5cm)                             • 2qt Saucepot with Cover (16cm     x9cm)                                              •1.5qt Saucepot with Cover (           16cm x 10.5cm)                              •  Large Skillet with Cover (26cm      x  6.5cm)                                          •  Medium Skillet with Cover            20cm x 5.5cm)                                • Steamer (26cm x 105)                    • Steamer & Egg Rack (6 Egg            Cups)                                              • Double Boiler (18cm inside           dia.)    Fits all 20cm pieces as         a Dome      Cover                           • (2)  Optional long handle (for          Skillet)
8 Piece Cookworld Set



​​• Medium Skillet with Cover (           20cm x 5.5cm)                            • 1.5 qt Saucepot with Cover (         16cm x 7cm)                                   • 2 qt Saucepot with Cover    

   (16cm    x 9cm)                               • 4.8qt Stockpot with Cover  (22cm x 12           cm)                                           

   •    Optional long handle (for                  



cookware ULTRA

Set Includes:17 pzs



1.7 quart (1.6 liter) covered saucepan (3 3/8" high) -- 2.5 quart (2.36 liter) covered saucepan (3 3/4" high) -- 3.2 quart (3.02 liter) covered saucepan (4 1/8" high) -- 7.5 quart (7.097 liter) roaster (5 5/8" high) -- 11 3/8 inch skillet (11 7/16" diameter) -- dome cover for roaster & skillet (3 3/8" high) -- flat cover for roaster & skillet -- double boiler unit (4" high) -- 5 egg cups -- egg utility rack/steamer -- 

Our 7-ply set is different from our other sets in that it contains a carbon steel core between the stainless steel layers, and this is the only reason it is more expensive than the other sets. This set will work on any stove, but was especially made for Induction cook-top stoves
Induction-Top Stoves use a magnetic field to heat the cooking pan which then heats the food in the pan, while the cook-top itself stays relatively cool. It’s the fastest cooking method and is just as controllable as gas, but you can use only certain types of cookware. You need a cooking utensil which will attract a magnet and has a flat bottom. Our 17ULTRA waterless cookware set was specifically constructed to be used on induction top stoves 

The set is constructed of 7 plies, and comes with a total of 17 pieces which include the lids and egg poaching cups. 

Just like our other sets, the KT17ULTRA spreads the heat very quickly and very evenly. The steam control valve makes waterless cooking easy for you because it lets you know when to turn the temperature down. 

Another important thing about waterless cookware is that waterless cooking is much healthierbecause it eliminates the need for grease or oil in cooking. 
You'll retain 98% of the vitamins and nutrients in your food as opposed to a 58% retention when boiling your food in water using regular cookware. 

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